Sunday, December 15, 2013

Savvy Small Business Sunday | Meet Stacy Morris

Stacy is the founder of Beautify by Stacy. She selects some very unique pieces of jewelry.  Her site states she "strives to provide the best prices, excellent quality and service."  Stacy says she is known for her fine taste in jewelry. 

From looking at the pieces on her site, I find them to be very unique. She hand picks pieces of different mixes of metals, bold prints, and colors. Each piece looks as if it's selected for a unique individual.

Check out her responses and make sure you support this SSB (Savvy Small Business) chica!


What is the name of your business?
Beautify by Stacy

What does the business do?
Sell affordable  statement and fashion jewelry.

Is the business solely online or do you have a location? 
It's an online business

The website is:

You can also contact me at

When did you start your business?
I started my business in May 2013

Why did you choose to start your own business?
I have always had great taste in jewelry; every time I bought a piece for myself I would always find myself giving it away or selling what I had because someone just could not live without it :)  So I would find myself back to the store buying another set . I think  owning a small business is a must in this economy  and every household should have some form of plan B. I lost my job about 3 yrs ago and  unfortunately, I did not have a plan B. This time around I even have a plan c !!lol!!! [Me] stepping out of my box was a life changing decision.

What advice do you have for someone else trying to start his or her own small business?
Passion comes in different forms and once you believe in what you are doing, you will & must achieve what you set out to do.

Give from your business as small as it may be-- when you get more give more, it's a good feeling and it will be a blessing to your business. 

Be thankful in plenty & in little. Find ways to love & service your customers--they are your life line.

Is there anything else you would like for our readers to know about you? 
I am a baby nurse at night and a makeup artist; I have decided to take my craft to another level.  I am also a mother of a 3 yr old little girl that has changed my life.  I lost my job just after I had her. I say all of this to say, do not look at the bad in your situation, sometimes we get too comfortable and stop dreaming but life have a way of taking the bad & creating a blessing.  As long as you have breath every morning do not stop dreaming--no matter your situation!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Curly Girl Takeover Event | Virginia

Hey guys, check out this event Jonna of Naturally Glam & I have coming up. Check it out and make sure you attend if you can! It's December 21, 2013 and it's FREE!! Make sure you RSVP by visiting this Link