Monday, June 17, 2013

How To | Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

Often times I'm asked what products I use to moisturize my hair or ways to moisture dry natural hair.  So I figured I would do a post on tips to keep your hair moisturized; especially, during those dry Summer days!! ;)

TIP #1: Incorporate honey into your deep condition regimen.

Whenever I find that my hair feels extra dry I do a deep conditioning treatment.  I usually make my own mixture, however it's perfectly okay to use a pre-mixed deep conditioning treatment and add honey to it.  You can find that at any Beauty Supply Store (BSS) or chain store such as Walmart or Target.

Here is what I put in my homemade mixture: note** I don't measure 

  • My favorite conditioner (I typically reach for Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, Giovanni or Tresemme Naturals Conditioner
  • Organic honey
  • Jojoba oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
  • Castor oil  
  • any other oils I feel is necessary or like (optional)
  • IF you need protein, you can also add an egg (optional) <--- Only add egg like once a month. Too much protein can cause breakage**
Mix well, then put it in your hair in small sections to ensure all your hair is getting covered.  Put on a plastic cap followed by a heat wrap, towel or other thick fabric to make sure the heat stays in.

Leave in for at least 30 mins, rinse and continue with styling as usual.

TIP #2: Mist your hair often with water.

Water is THE best moisturizer for natural hair.  You can buy a spray bottle, fill it with water (tap water is fine) and even add a little of one of your favorite oils (such as EVOO) and mist your hair throughout the day.  This is especially good on days where you will be out in the sun a lot.  

Water hydrates your strands and will keep them from feeling dried out.  Do away with the myth that, "Water dries out your hair" WRONG!!!

***TAKE NOTE: Water will cause your hair to shrink so if you are going for a look where you want more length, save this option for a later time***

TIP #3: Co-Wash In-between Shampoo Washes.

If you are one to feel it necessary to cleanse your hair with shampoo on wash day, then make sure you follow up with deep conditioning afterward.  In addition, in-between your wash day, co-wash your hair.  For example, if you choose Sunday as your wash day, make Wednesday the day you co-wash.  This way your hair is getting that extra moisture from the wash in the meantime.

Co-wash means to wash your hair using only conditioner.

Just know, you can never wash your hair too much!! Water is your BFF now that you're natural :) 

TIP #4: Use Water-based Moisturizers.

Many hair companies are coming out with products geared solely toward natural hair.  You see them laced on shelves in your everyday chain stores. For example, Dark & Lovely has been making hair products for several years and now they have come out with a line strictly for natural hair called Dark and Lovely Au Naturale' Products.  This is just one example of several.

Now that you have a gang of products to choose from, make sure you are choosing the 'moisturizer' that is water-based.  This means, the 1st or 2nd ingredient should be water, (agua).  If water isn't one of the first two ingredients, then it's not a water-based product.  

Styling your hair with a water-based product will ensure that your hair is getting some additional moisture. This could also mean when you re-style your hair at night, you may not have to add more product ;) #WIN

TIP #5: Seal, Seal, Seal (in Moisture)

After washing your hair, before styling, seal in the moisture (water) by adding oil to your strands.  Oil will seal in the water, keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized. 

Using oil alone will do nothing but oil your hair; NOT moisturize it, causing your tresses to feel a greasy mess.  The oil will sit on top of your strands and not penetrate so if you are using oil alone you are not benefiting your hair.  

My top 3 oils to use for sealing are Jojoba oil, Castor oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil.  All 3 oils can be found on sites such as these:

Mountain Rose Herbs

----------------------------- There are many other ways you can keep the dryness at bay but these 5 tips should give you a good head start in making sure your hair feels soft and moisturized.  I use each of these steps on my own hair so I'm speaking from experience!! :) 

Remember, keeping your hair moisturized is one step toward retaining length.  

Try it! Your hair will love you for it!! ðŸ’œ

Be sure to let me know if these tips have helped you.  Or feel free to comment and let us know how you keep your hair moisturized!!

Peace n Blessings



  1. I found this very helpful NC! I have incorporated in co-washing more and my hair loves it...never realized how important watering your hair is lol like a plant or better yet a flower :)

  2. I tried for so long to moisturize my "biracial" hair with conventional advicr and ended up realizing that the more I moisturized the more I was drying my hair out. It was breaking and kept getting split ends. But it was not the typical kind of breakage. My breakage was less obvious because I had holes in the middle or toward the end of a strand.

    Now what I do is I wash my hair once a week with Angel Baby Shampoo, dc with catnip, leave it on, then thoroughly coat my hair with mineral oil. I listened to Ktani's research which disproves all the myths about it.

    My breakage stopped immediately and I rarely see splits. My hair is really long so I am sure the rare split is old. I detangle with my hands daily and only use a comb on the day I apply mineral oil.

    Once the summer is over I might wash even less often but I do not reapply the oil. I just spritz plain water between washes.

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  5. Thanks for the tips :) I also recommend argan oil by Pro Naturals, its amazing for dry hair!!