About ME

Deanna is a Virginia-based natural hair enthusiast, avid fashion and beauty blogger.  Born and breed in New Orleans then relocated to Virginia as an adolescent has created a love for being around diverse people! Fashion, hair, and more recently makeup has been hobbies she truly enjoys engaging in. 

As a YouTube vlogger she shares everything from her personal reviews on products (hair, makeup, clothing, etc.), giveaways, tutorials, event coverage and recaps and even a few vlogs sprinkled in.  Here on the blog, more detailed information is given about the above. 

Deanna is a School Counselor by profession but an all around girly girl who loves to help empower others any way she can.  

How can you be a part of this blog, you ask??

Every Sunday, a small business will be featured and shared with the world.  If you would like for your business to be a part of NaturallyCreole, please send an email HERE titled, "Savvy Small Business Sunday."  Should your business be selected, you will receive a reply within 24-48 hrs.  

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