Music: Feeds my Soul

 1st Feature-Mathai

I was surfing on Youtube, one of my fav past-times, and I happen to come across Mathai (from The Voice). This girl is awesome!! I Lurve music, specifically, from singers with very unique voices and styles. After the first song I heard from her I was in love!!

How come I'm just finding her? Does she have an album out? Questions were swimming around my head. Well, I decided I'll just follow her on Twitter (@mathaimusic) and see what other projects she has. I think I ended up listening to at least 8 covers she did and each song was even better than the first!

Guys, if you love music as much as I do check her out, listen to her voice and support! She's bomb ^_^


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  1. I love people with unique voices too. I don't have a twitter smh. So thanks for sharing. her voice is beautiful.