Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To | Combat Dry Itchy Scalp

Many of us have experienced dryness of the scalp on occasion. Some more often than others.  Why is this you ask? Good question!! ;) Our scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum.  The oil is meant to help keep our scalp moisturized.  You may noticed dryness more so with natural hair than you did with relaxed hair.  The reason for this is because of the bends, curls, & coils of our strands makes it difficult for the sebum to run down the length of our hair strands; therefore, our hair can feel pretty dry.

Other issues that can cause scalp dryness may be contributed to stress, prescription medications or even diet (what you are putting into your body).  In these cases, your body is either producing more or less than the normal amount of sebum.

What to consider when it comes to your scalp:

1. Environment.  Your surrounding environment play a part in how your scalp functions.  Moisture is often drawn from the scalp leaving it feeling dry.  Drinking plenty of water can eliminate or reduce this issue.  It's healthy for you anyway; always keep some on hand!

2. Products. Becoming a product junkie becomes almost inevitable as a new natural.  We try so many products in an attempt to find the "right fit" for our hair and in turn we are [unconsciously] layering different products on our scalp and failing to take the proper measure to wash them out.  As a result, product build up can occur--leaving our scalp feeling itchy and dry because the scalp can't "breathe."

If you are like myself and not really a shampoo girl, you can use Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with water-equal parts) directly on your scalp to get rid of the build up ;) **avoid using heavy grease, oils, pomades directly on the scalp**

3. pH and Moisturize. Because the tissue on your scalp is skin (it's just an extension of the skin on your face) the pH balance of your scalp can sometimes be thrown off.  We use toner on our faces to help put that pH back in and we need to use something on our scalp to do the same.  The best product in aiding this is Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ).  Aloe vera juice is acidic and if used correctly can help protect the scalp from dryness.  I've found it best to mix it with my leave in conditioner and applying it in that manner.

The BEST recipe I've found is the one originated by YouTuber Kimmytube.  Here's what her recipe consists of:

* 2 Tbls of your fav leave in conditioner
* 2 Tbls of Aleo vera juice
* 2 Tbls of jojoba oil
* 2 Tbls of castor oil 

Give these tips a try and I'm sure you'll notice a difference ;)

Until next post,

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