Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Preparing to Big Chop? Things to Consider... #NaturalHair #Inspiration

So you've decided you want to try this "natural thing" and you are considering going all out and doing the Big Chop (or "bc"); meaning to cut your relaxed ends off and leaving only the new growth of your hair remaining.

Before you do so, let me give you a few things to consider:

1. Not everyone will be happy with your decision; no matter how elated you are with finally deciding to go out your natural hair.  Be prepared for some negative comments; especially from close family.  For some reason, they feel as if it's their duty to let you know their disdain for short hair. #suckas *side eye*

2. Your full face will be exposed.  Many women, including myself, were used to having enough hair that surrounds our face so that our full face isn't exposed.  When you decide to cut off your hair, or big chop, your hair will most likely be pretty short.  This was the case for me. I wasn't use to having 1 in. hair so it took some getting used to.  Accentuating other parts of you (such as your eyes, fashion sense, etc.) can help to alleviate the uncomfortableness some new naturals experience.  Here is a pic of me after I big chopped:

3. Make sure you are doing it for YOU! Deciding to cut off all of your hair can be a bit traumatic for some.  Never make a decision based on if it's going to please someone will end up disappointed every time!  I know hair is hair and it will grow back, however, mentally prepare yourself for the change that it going to happen.  It's a process! Grow from it and have fun!! ;)

Here's a current pic of my growth:

Blessings loves!


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