Sunday, August 18, 2013

Savvy Small Business Sunday | Meet Keisha Anderson Kirkland-Smith

Keisha Anderson-Kirkland Smith is a small business owner and is a person of many talents.  I thought you queens would love to get to know her and a little of what she is about.  Read ahead...

What is the name of your business? 

What does the business do? 
I design and make custom clothing and do alterations.  I also have a natural hair t-shirt line, and make accessories such as handbags, knit handbags, and knit infinity scarves.

When did you start your business? 
August 2006

Why did you choose to start your own business? 
For a couple of reasons.  First, I knew that I was blessed with a gift and wanted to bless other people with it.  If you don't use the gifts that God gives you, He will take them away.  :) 
Secondly, I found that there were so many garments being sold in stores that weren't worth the amount they were being sold for.  I got tired of spending money on things like that, that I could make myself.   I also wanted to add garments into my wardrobe that were original, so I went out and bought a sewing machine and just started making things for myself.  From there, I was asked to make things for other people. 

What advice do you have for someone else trying to start his or her own small business?
1. Seek God first and ask that He lead and guide you along the way.  Also, pray that He sends people into your life that will be beneficial during the process of building your business.  It's important to have positive people around you that have your best interest in mind and will be encouraging.
2. Don't be afraid to get started.  If you have a gift that you know would make a difference in the world, it wouldn't be terrible if you didn't share it. 
3. It won't happen overnight so don't get discouraged.  Keep pressing on, networking, advertising, and marketing yourself and your services.  You have to be patient.
4. Don't make your plans known to everyone.  It's better to only share your vision with the right people.  Some people just want to see you fail and will try to discourage you every step of the way because either they resent that they didn't follow their dreams or they just don't understand your vision.  As long as you see it and you know that all things are possible, that's all that matters.  Don't let negative people discourage you.

Is there anything else you would like for our readers to know about you?
I am always willing to be a mentor and share my experiences and knowledge if someone might find it helpful.  Feel free to email me with any questions at  Also, anyone that would like to see my work, it's on my portfolio website: and if anyone would like to shop my collection of handmade pieces, they can do so at

Twitter: Provisions_kaks
IG: Provisionsbykaks

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