Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey dolls! My hubby and I will be taking a trip to Negril, Jamaica in August and I decided to pick up a few items to take on my trip. I wanted to share what I purchased with you guys!! Let me know what you think about the items I have. I hope to do a look book and/or vlog showing us on vacay. Enjoy!! ;)

What's your favorite piece??


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  2. Oops, I think my first attempt to comment failed. I just found your blog, I've been enjoying your entries! I have to say all those outfits are awesome. Love the first denim shorts, the striped shorts and that cat "Meow" shirt (also the white knit one to throw over bathingsuits). Those are good prices too.

    Have a great time in Jamaica!! It's my favorite place in the world, especially Negril. We went there for the first time to celebrate our anniversary as well and we fell in love. Head over heels in love with Negril. I have some pictures on my blog here if you want to check it out. This was the first time in my life that I saw water that clear and blue!

    1. Checked out your blog. It's do detailed. I felt like I was reading a book. I LOVED it!! Thank you for detailing your encounters for first timers like my hubby and myself. Like I said before, I'm even more anxious to visit now!!

      Blessings ;)

  3. Wow, Thank you Daisy!! I love bargin shopping so I will def be sharing more with you guys ;)

    I'm excited about my upcoming trip! Your comment makes me even more anxious!! I can't wait to go and I heard Negril had the best beaches. Yay! I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks again hun