Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Journey: Newly Natural

Have you ever felt frustrated with trying to fit in with your friends?  Tired of being broke because you are trying to keep up with the latest trends?  I know exactly how you feel! I reached a point in my life when I decided I no longer wanted to look like every other woman walking around.  All of my life people assumed I was a "stuck up" girl because I am light skinned and I had long hair and my eyes are hazel.  Too add to that, I was really quiet and didn't really speak much to anyone I didn't know.  Inside, I was screaming to be that outgoing popular girl that every high school seemed to have.  But, that image I held onto for years never materialized for me.  I am now 30 years old and still the same quiet person and I'm okay with that.  It took several years for me to accept that I am who I am.  Please believe that I still have days where I don't feel so pretty; even as a grown woman.  The difference is I don't dwell on the fact that I'm not popular and can't wear the latest trends everyday.  I have other things going on in my life that far outweight popularity and fashionable clothing; I am now married and have 3 beautiful children.  One major thing I changed in my life, which was very recent, was my views on how a woman should look.  Society says a woman should be tall, thin, have long flowing hair and wear expensive clothing.  Well, I say a woman should look and be comfortable in whatever skin she was born in! lol. For me, that means average height, slender, and have Natural kinky, curly short hair (I'm a new natural).  Since I have transitioned to natural hair, I have learned more and more about myself.  For example, I am a lot more confident than I thought myself to be.  You have to have plenty of confidence to be natural ladies!  I do understand this journey doesn't end after becoming natural. I have a ways to go in becoming who God made me to be BUT I now realize that I am PURPOSED. DESTINED (for greatness) & NATURALLY ME!! 

Side Note: I do not feel a woman has to become natural to find her purpose in life.  I am just stating my OWN views/opinions and personal experiences.
Me 2009 (2nd pic)                Me Now (1st pic)

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