Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black Hole...

The more I look the deeper this black hole of debt seems to get.  So how come every payday I feel like my money was just transferred straight from my account to the hands of a thousand bill collectors! Lol...kinda funny...but not really ;-( I feel like I don't get to enjoy any of my hard earned cash so I sneak a little away from the bills to "enjoy life" for a weekend and but that does nothing but make this black hole of debt a little deeper! There has got to be a way to catch up and end this cycle, right? Don't get me wrong, there are things in my life I enjoy *like my husband, my children (3), my extended family and my house (just to name a few)* I'm thankful for that but I want more...I want better!  Wouldn't you? Don't you? Well, we have to start somewhere and I'm not one to be very organized with budget spreadsheets and all but I always know I can start with Prayer...pray and ask God to show you a starting point and to help you to continue on that path (to financial freedom) that He has set forth for you!! I'm starting today!  What are YOU going to do???

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  1. I read this post and felt compelled to say thank you. Debt is no joke and I think a lot of us are afraid to even talk about it. I have some student loan debt that I am to begin repaying in Jan and I really don't look forward to it. I've managed to create a new stream of income though, by working online from home, which will allow me to make my loan payment AND treat myself to cupcakes every now and then :-) I am glad I came across this post