Monday, September 9, 2013

Outfit & Hair of the Night

Saturday night I attended my sis-n-law's 10-year anniversary party and I was unsure how I wanted to style my hair for the event.  I wanted something a little different and didn't feel like putting in the work to do rollers, rods, flex rods, etc. so I did what I alway resort to doing and started playing with my hair...

For some reason I usually start with attempting to do a cute high bun; but it usually turns out to be not-so-cute lol...I've learned thats just the nature of my thick, kinky textured hair.  So, I started by putting my stretchy hair tie on and started molding and pinning! Somehow, I came up with this...

Surprisingly, it turned out super cute!!! I posted the pic on Instagram and my followers LOVED it!  Here is the picture I posted...

What do you think??? Personally, I think the lipstick (RiRi Heaux by MAC) set it off  ^_^

Anywho, I had to find something to wear so this is what I came up with...

But for whatever reason, I decided to go in comfy jeans and carried some flats with me to the party (Yep, I'm one of those type of chicks! lol)  and this is how the oufit looked by the end of the night...

Let me know if you guys would like to see more outfit of the days/nights! I had fun doing this one ;) 

Outfit deets:
denim top: Express
lion head belt: Fvr21
jeans: Fvr21
leopard print pants: H&M
heels: Target
earrings: post from WNHS in Atl 2 yrs ago
necklace: Fvr21
lippie: Heaux by Riri for MAC cosmetics

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